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Some of our customers
Nokia Mobile Phones Denmark
Ericsson Cables
Ericsson Radio systems
Cisco Systems
Qeyton Systems
Zarlink Semiconductor
Institute Optical Research


We have specialized and use only DSPs from Texas Instruments. Why? Because their inbuilt debugging tools. (JTAG)


Welcome to Oberon, Oberon is an old name and it is the name of one of the moons around the planet Uranus.


Oberon is also the name of the king in the Shakespeare play "Midsummer night's dream".

And also a company in Sweden for development and implementation of advanced embedded software as for example digital filters and realtime kernels used in

wireless base stations, mobile telephones, measurement systems and other cool stuff like games.


We also do advanced media products and You will find Oberon's media MP3 products on the Blaketalks site


Oberon's games are Adventures in Imagination and realtime internet games are true Adventures in Your Imagination.

"The empires of the future will be the empires of mind" (Winston Churchill, 1943) and some of Oberon's mental games are on, like for example creativity.

Are you the emperor in your mind?

Currently we are selling some of our best double complementary Lattice Wave filter implementations. See the Lattice Wave page. lattice wave

We are using that type of filter in our own measurement systems for Road Survey Technology.


We are doing some experimenting on this website.
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Restylane, Botox strandkliniken Restylane, Botox, bröstförstoring, plastikkirurgi,fettsugning, bukplastik, åderbråck, åderbråck

Åderbråck strandkliniken Åderbråck, Åderbråck, bröstförstoring, plastikkirurgi,fettsugning, bukplastik, åderbråck

Restylane, Botox Restylane, Botox, bröstförstoring, plastikkirurgi,fettsugning, bukplastik, åderbråck