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Kenneth Blake

Kenneth has three academical merits as:

  1. Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (Linkoping Univ.)
  2. Masters degree in Management and Organisation (Stockholm Univ.)
  3. Executive Master of Business Administration (Stockholm Univ.).

Kenneth Blake is also a qualified NLP Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner. Trained to the highest standard by Dr. Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP), John La Valle (President of NLP Society), Paul McKenna (Europe's leading Hypnotherapist), and Michael Breen, and has therefore learnt from, and modelled, the most respected people in the business.

Kenneth's CV

Kenneth has also been in Bryssels several evaluating research proposals under the fifth, sixth and seventh framework programme of the European Community for research, technical development and demonstration activities.


Kenneth Blake                      

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This is a link to Kenneth's Executive MBA thesis " leadership across the world ". A cross cultural study of the impact of how a common leadership concept can be migrated into different cultures. (This pdf file is the most dowloaded item in this website, many, many, times every day.).

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